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President's Message


In a very special presentation this past week, I was reminded that summer is a traditional time of transition. Some of the examples used included: many families relocate (especially military); students prepare to move up a grade and maybe junior high to senior high; graduating college students prepare to enter the work force and senior medical residents prepare to become attending practitioners. All these situations were preceded by preparation both by the individual and the supporting environment. In our business life, we refer to this as succession planning.

As I complete my tenure as President of the Greater Ohio Healthcare Leaders' Forum Board, I'd like to reflect on a vary stable and productive last six years under the guidance of the last three Presidents - Karen Huttsell, Melissa (Cord) Mackey and hopefully myself. Each of us was mentored by our predecessor by being involved with and often representing our President in our role as President-Elect. During my term as President, we have also focused on preparing our Treasurer, Secretary and Local Program Council Chairpersons for expanded and future roles in guiding our GOHLF Chapter. In addition, we have been fortunate to have both GOHLF Board members and GOHLF members step forward to lead Board subcommittees related to our Strategic Initiatives

Our revised 2013-2015 GOHLF Strategic Plan contained the following 2014 Strategic Initiatives Areas of Focus areas. We owe special appreciation to the professionals leading these initiatives who have been very committed and successful:


  • Recruitment of Membership - Tom Daskalakis, FACHE
  • Sponsorship - Mark McGatha and Chip Washienko, FACHE
  • Diversity & Inclusion - Melissa Mackey and Rosalie Weakland, FACHE
  • Higher Education Network - Kevin Brooks


Beginning last year, we have supported greater involvement and preparation of our leaders within the Local Program Councils (LPCs) by inviting the LPC Chair-Elects to dial into our monthly Board Calls. Sana Rockwell, FACHE from the Cincinnati LPC was the first LPC Chair-Elect to join with her LPC Chair, Stanley McBride, FACHE and just recently Amy Stockman, FACHE, Dayton LPC Chair-Elect has joined with her LPC Chair Trisha Osborn, FACHE. To further enhance our relationships with future healthcare executives, we appointed a graduate student liaison to the GOHLF Board. Jon Michael Williams was the first and he has been succeeded by Nathan Mollohan.

Perhaps one of the most successful leadership initiatives we have had in the last two years has been the monthly conference call between the LPC Chairpersons and the GOHLF President-Elect. This process was working well when Chip Washienko took it over as the new President-Elect but he has really improved the communications and resulting outcomes. He has proven that he is absolutely ready to lead GOHLF as our new President.

My only and last "soapbox" commentary relates to our FACHE credential. Attaining Fellowship status and being allowed to use the FACHE initials must become as important to our profession and viewed as important to our colleague professionals as: board certification is to physicians; certification is to a critical care nurse (CCRN) and certification is to a public accountants (CPA).

In closing, for the last time as President of the GOHLF Board, I want to express my sincere appreciation for all the voluntary time you give in various ways to make ACHE the premier professional organization for healthcare executives. Our organization is specifically membership focused so all that we do must help retain our current members while recruiting new members. Thank you very much for the opportunity to serve as the GOHLF Board President. Please go recruit a new member this year!


Ed Syron

GOHLF President

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